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1. The World in Jesus Christ (PBUH)'s View


This world is a bridge, pass it and don't get attached. 


Sheikh al-Mufid, Al-Amali, p.43.


2. You Reap What You Sow



Some people ask why Muslims do not celebrate Christmas? Is that because they do not agree on the 25th of December as Jesus birthday?

original sin

Our knowledge about Prophet Adam and his wife Eve, unlike our knowledge about other prophets, is very little. There are so many books written and so many films made about different...

thanksgiving day

Give thanks to Allah for all the blessings He had bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving day is a good chance to remind ourselves of these blessings.

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Mary is one of the outstanding personalities and a distinguished woman in the Abrahamic religions. In Islam, Mary is considered as one of the four celestial women of...

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Prophet Jesus (PBUH) is among the Prophets whose name and stories have been mentioned in many chapters of the Holy Quran. This shows the high status of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and his respected mother – Mary- for Muslims. Prophet...

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“He [Jesus in the cradle] said, ‘Indeed I am a servant of Allah! He has given me the Book and made me a prophet… [and] blessed, wherever I may be, and He has enjoined me to [maintain] the prayer and to [pay] the zakat as long as I live...

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On the last days of the year, we usually look back at what we did and what were the things we gained in that 365 days that passed. Sometimes, we would regret the times that were wasted or the opportunities that were lost, but...

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While we are waiting for Christmas to come, it seems impossible to ignore Halloween in the meantime. It is full of fun and excitement which is why it...

This video shows that many Muslims in the Middle East glorify, celebrate and respect Christmas Day. What some Muslims have in common regarding Christmas is represented in this video....

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Some people ask why Muslims do not celebrate Christmas? Is that because they do not agree 25th of December as Jesus birthday? Or is that because they say Christians believe in Jesus as son of God, while Muslims do not believe in trinity, as well...

"Peace to me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I am raised alive" (19:33)