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“O believers, when the proclamation is made for prayer on the Day of Congregation (Friday), hasten to God's remembrance and leave trafficking aside. That is better for you did you but know.” (62:9)  

prayer in Islam, Salam Islam

Here are some tips to experience a fuller and more spiritual prayer in Islam

praying in Islam

Sometimes we ask Allah for something with all our hearts and expect our wish to be granted instantly. And when it doesn't happen, we get depressed and feel like as if God is not listening to our prayers. But, this is Allah's deep love for us that...

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What do you do in times of hardship? What is your way of being relieved of an unresolvable pain? Prayer in Islam is a way to seek patience in difficulties. 

prayer in islam

Prayer in Islam (Salat) is one of the most important practical principles of Islam [1]. It is a physical, mental and spiritual act of worship consisting...

prayer in Islam

Prayer in Islam (Salat) is the most important practical principle such that no one can be exempted from [i]. Soldiers involved in a war, patients in...

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Islam considers Praying (Salat) five times a day [1] as one of the most important practical principles. The more times one does something, the more it becomes part of him/her and his/her character; so does prayer. Also, if there was just one...

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To prepare for prayer (Salat) one shuold first perform ablution (Wudu). Here is a simple and handy infographics on how to perform this practice. 

prayers in Islam

“…and when you feel secure, perform the [complete] prayers, for the prayer is indeed a timed prescription for the faithful”. (4:103)

Here are the steps that should be followed in daily prayers (Salat). The words in this version are written in Arabic, the original form.  

In this Infographic you see the steps of prayer in a practical way.