Contrary to popular belief, women in Islam has been empowered and respected.

Contrary to popular belief, women in Islam has been empowered and respected. An excellent example of that is the first Muslim woman, Khadijah, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) wife, whose influence and support was crucial to the success of Islam.

The way we look is usually considered as an expression of our character. That’s why it concerns us very much –maybe just a little too much these days.

Well, one way to answer this question is to consider it by itself and regardless of any side issues.

You may wonder why Muslim women do not take part in some sports. Are certain types of sports forbidden (Haram) for women in Islam? Are women in Islam not allowed to enjoy themselves doing such recreational activities...

A very significant aspect of Islamic life is “modesty.” According to the Islamic application of the term, modesty is a state of self-restraint which helps us check our manners and appearance, and correct them when necessary.

As a New Muslim woman, I find the Islamic lifestyle fully responsive in every aspect of my life.

To answer this question about wearing Hijab, we should first understand why God has sent down religion to man and why He orders man what to do and what to...


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