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Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 16:03
Q : Is having fun during Muharram halal in Shia Islam? Click to view answer
A :
The term Halal means lawful. Halal fun is any sort of entertainment Muslims are allowed to have. See: What is Lawful (Halal) Fun? Once you are sure a kind of fun is Halal, then you can enjoy it! But there are some times in the history -marked in Islamic calendar- during which our beloved prophet and Imams went through great sufferings, e.g. the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions in the battle of Karbala, which occurred in the month of Muharram. On such occasions Muslims become sad because they remember the difficulties the progeny of prophet (PBUH) faced and try to respect them; that is why you may not see Muslims have fun during Muharram.
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 16:02
Q : What is PBUH? Click to view answer
A :
It stands for Peace Be Upon Him, in which we ask Allah to bless Muhammad and his progeny.
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 15:57
Q : What is the difference between halal meat and haram meat? Click to view answer
A :
The term Halal means lawful and it refers to any meat that Muslims can eat, while Haram is any meat that is forbidden for them. See: Can Muslims Eat Any Meat?

For instance Muslims cannot eat the meat of certain animals like pig; it is Haram for them. But it is permissible for them to eat the meat of some other animals like sheep, cow, camel, etc. provided that they are slaughtered according to the laws stated in the Quran and Hadith.
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 15:54
Q : Is it halal to have fun? Click to view answer
A :
Of course it is. But you need to make sure if the kind of entertainment you’re enjoying is Halal. See: What is Lawful (Halal) Fun?

For instance, eating and drinking out at bars or in restaurants is great fun for some people. This is Halal fun if what you eat or drink is Halal, or if the person you are with, has a lawful relationship with you, or …. Read this article: Can Muslims Have Fun?
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 15:31
Q :
No, they don’t hate them; it is the act of apostasy that is frowned upon in this religion, not the person.
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A :
First of all, the animal has to be among the ones that the Quran has said they are Halal.

There are verses in the holy Quran that indicate the meat we are not allowed to consume: Can Muslims Eat Any Meat?

It is recommended to water the animal before the slaughter and do the slaughter job in a way that the animal feels the minimum pain and distress. And it is detestable (Makruh) to slaughter the animal in a place where other animals can see. It is also detestable (Makruh) to slaughter that animal that one has brought up and has emotional connection to it.

Then we have to make sure that we follow the rules as bellow:

1-It must be facing the holy Kabaa (Qibla) when slaughtered.
2-The person performing the slaughter must mention the name of Allah as he slaughters the animal.
3-The slaughtering must be done with sharp metal so that the animal does not suffer much, and it happens as quickly as possible.
4-It must be slaughtered with a specific method in which the four main veins (the throat, windpipe, and the blood vessels) are cut, without cutting the spinal cord.
5-The animal must show some sign of movement after being slaughtered, especially if there was some doubt whether the animal was alive before being slaughtered.
6-There must be a normal emission of blood from the animal after the act of slaughtering . For more information see: What is Halal slaughter and is it humane?


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