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Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 15:14
Q : Is sushi halal or haram? Why or why not? Click to view answer
A :
It depends on the kind of fish it includes. In the religion of Islam, fish that have scales are the only type of Halal sea creatures. Other sea creatures and fish are Haram.

see: Can Muslims Eat Any Meat?
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 15:11
Q : Why can't Muslims celebrate Christmas? Click to view answer
A :
who says so? Muslims just prefer to celebrate their own cultural occasions. They are allowed to participate Christmas parties as well as any other gatherings and celebrations if, and only if, there is no forbidden (Haram) act taking place; such as drinking, backbiting or forbidden (Haram) music, singing or dancing, etc. See: Do Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

Muslims love and respect Jesus Christ and believe he is a prophet of God. In Islamic jurisprudence there is no harm in celebrating the birthday of Prophet Jesus (PBUH). Also if Muslims do not wish to celebrate Christmas among their cultural occasion, it is forbidden (Haram) to disrespect Christian rituals.
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 15:09
Q : Why does Islam support polygamy? Click to view answer
A :
There are two different stances among Muslim scholars about polygamy; some have denied it as a general Islamic law by saying that it was suited to a specific time -i.e. the time and occasion in which the verse (4:3) was revealed- in history. The others, on the other hand, make any attempt to defend this law by reasoning it and saying its benefits; some of their arguments are:

Men’s sexual desire is stronger and lasts longer than women’s.
Women are not capable of fulfilling men’s sexual desire fully because of the restrictions they have, viz. menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, etc.
There are usually more marriageable women than men due to women’s longer life span and men’s more frequent fatal casualties because of the dangerous incidents that happen to them, etc.
Among these reasons, the third one -if we suppose that it existed in the past or continues to be common in the present day- is of great importance in justifying polygamy based on the Islamic view. Not only that, but it creates a right in favor of women and a duty and responsibility for men and society. Clearly speaking, if, in any case, the number of women fit to be married exceeds the number of marriageable men, then a group of women would be left without husbands and would remain deprived of the right to family life, so the law restricting marriage to monogamy will be inconsistent with this natural right. Accordingly, it is only by the provision of the law of polygamy (of course with special conditions) that this natural right is revived.

See: Why does Islam allow polygamy? Part 1

What’s more, Islam disagrees with the belief that man is a born polygamist and that his nature is at variance with monogamy. Islam, also, is against the idea that loyalty is impossible for men, and that one woman is created for one man, and one man for all women. Polygamy, in the Islamic perspective, rises from a social difficulty and is not due to the innate nature of men. If there did not exist in society the problem of an excess of the number of women in need of marriage over the number of marriageable men, the custom of polygamy would have ceased to exist, or would have rarely existed.
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 13:54
Q : Why does Islam believe in polygamy only for the husband and not for the wife? Click to view answer
A :
First of all you have to know the fact that Polygamy in Islam is not a right for men . The law of polygamy rises from a social problem, i.e. the excess number of marriageable women over marriageable men. Obviously, . If there did not exist in society the problem of an excess of the number of women in need of marriage over the number of marriageable men, the custom of polygamy would have ceased to exist, or would have rarely existed.

Besides, Islam allows polygamy only under certain conditions: see: Why does Islam allow polygamy? Part 2.

And finally, the best form of marriage in the eyes of Islam is MONOGAMY, which is the only form of marriage in harmony with human nature.
Salam Islam | 01/28/2017 - 13:52
Q : Should I leave Islam for music? Click to view answer
A :
Of course Not! Music is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran. So, there different ideas about it. But what you can derive from the other related Quranic verses is that the forbidden (Haram) type of music is suitable for dissolute gatherings of sin. see: Is Music Prohibited in Islam?

In a nutshell, any kind of music that is not common for such gatherings, spreads good values, makes you feel good about yourself and life, and somehow makes you feel closer to God is lawful (Halal). On the contrary, any kind of music that distances between the soul and God is forbidden (Haram).

On the whole, the issue of music is not that important in comparison with one’s religion. Islam gives a choice between right and wrong, and suggests what is better for you here in this world and the hereafter.


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