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The ritual of Hajj or the Islamic holy pilgrimage is one of the most important occasions in the Islamic calendar....

August 04 2019, 0 comments
family rights, family, family in Islam, father, mother, children, husband, wife, Salam Islam

Family is the cornerstone of a healthy community in which we learn social principles and moral values. In the religion of Islam there are teachings with regard to...

May 30 2020, 0 comments
New Muslim, convert, how to convert to Islam, Salam Islam, pillars of Islam, faith, belief

What would you do when you want to start a journey, or change the place where you lived before? Let’s see. First, choose your favorite destination. For sure the most...

November 11 2018, 0 comments
supplication, Dua, prayer, Ahl al-Bayt, Arafah

The Quran says: “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” (40:60) Prayer implies the turning (iqbal) of a servant toward...

November 11 2018, 0 comments


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Christmas, Jesus Christ, Islam, Muslims

There are many verses in the Quran about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ (PBUH). Muslims just like Christians revere Jesus, and some even believe that he is more honored...

November 26 2019, 0 commens

This is a collection of the Arabic texts and English translations of the supplications recited in the holy month of Ramadan, including the sermon of the Prophet (PBUH) on the reception of this...

November 11 2018, 0 commens

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