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Imam ‘Ali (as) wanted to revive all the human values that were granted to people by the Prophet of Islam. Once, Imam ‘Ali set out to Syria....

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Imam Hassan, leader, Imam Ali, Islam, Muslims

Maybe the most eminent of Imam Hasan's (as) attributes is his generosity. He believed that money was only a means to clothe the naked, help...

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Fasting, Ramadan, guide, rituals, social, spiritual, Islam, Muslims

“O people, indeed the month of Allah has approached you with blessings, mercy and forgiveness. In the eyes of Allah, it is the best of all...

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Lady Khadijah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islam, Muslims, wife, mother

… Although the society in which Khadijah was born was terribly male chauvinistic, Khadijah earned two titles: Ameerat Quraish, Princess of...

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Christmas, Jesus Christ, Islam, Muslims

There are many verses in the Quran about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ (PBUH). Muslims just like Christians revere Jesus, and some even believe that he is more honored...

November 26 2019, 0 commens

This is a collection of the Arabic texts and English translations of the supplications recited in the holy month of Ramadan, including the sermon of the Prophet (PBUH) on the reception of this...

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