His Supplication upon Hearing Thunder

O ALLAH, these are two of Thy signs and these are two of Thy helpers.

They rush to obey Thee with beneficial mercy or injurious vengeance, so rain not down upon us from them the evil rain and clothe us not through them in the garment of affliction! O ALLAH, bless MUHAMMAD and his Household, send down upon us the benefit of these clouds and their blessing, turn away from us their harm and their injury, strike us not through them with blight, and loose not upon our livelihoods any bane! if Thou hast incited them as vengeance and loosed them in anger, we seek sanctuary with Thee from Thy wrath and implore Thee in asking Thy pardon! So incline with wrath toward the idolaters and set the millstone of Thy vengeance turning upon the heretics! take away the barrenness of our lands with Thy watering, dislodge the malice from our breasts with Thy providing, distract us not from Thee through other than Thee, and cut none of us off from the stuff of Thy goodness, for the rich is he to whom Thou hast given riches, and the safe he whom Thou hast protected! No one has any defense against Thee, nor any means to bar Thy penalty.

Thou decidest what Thou wilt for whom Thou wilt and Thou decreest what Thou desirest for any whom Thou desirest! to Thee belongs praise for protecting us from affliction and to Thee belongs thanks for conferring upon us blessings, a praise which will leave behind the praise of the praisers, a praise which will fill the earth and the heaven! Surely Thou art the All-kind through immense kindnesses, the Giver of abounding favors, the Accepter of small praise, the Grateful for little gratitude, the Beneficent, the Benevolent, Possessor of graciousness! There is no god but Thou; unto Thee is the homecoming.