His Supplication when his Provision was Stinted

O ALLAH, Thou hast tried us with distrust in our provisions and the expectation of long lives, until we begged for provisions from those who are provided and craved in our expectations the life-spans of the long-lived! So bless MUHAMMAD and his Household, give us a true certainty that will suffice us the burden of seeking, and inspire us with a sincere trust that will release us from the hardship of exertion! Let Thy clear promise in Thy Revelation which Thou hast followed in Thy Book with Thy oath cut off our worry about the provision for which Thou hast made Thyself responsible and sever our occupation with everything whose sufficiency Thou hast guaranteed! For Thou hast said and Thy word is the most truthful truth and Thou hast sworn and Thy oath is the most kept and fulfilled (In the heaven are your provision and everything you are promised).

And then Thou hast said: (So by the Lord of heaven and earth, it is as surely true as that you have speech!)