The Opening Supplication (Dua Iftitah)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O Allah send Your blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

O Allah, I begin glorifying You with Your Praise

You direct towards what is right through Your Grace

I am convinced that You are the most Merciful in matters of forgiveness and mercy

but most severe in matters of warning and retribution

and the most mighty in matters of power and magnificence.

O Allah You have allowed me to supplicate to You and ask from You

Then hear my praise O One who hears all

and answer my call O Merciful

and decrease my mistakes O most Forgiving

How often, O my God, You have relieved me of troubles

how many griefs You have dispelled

how many mistakes You have prevented

how many blessings You have spread

and how many series of afflictions You have separated

All Praise is for Allah who has not taken a wife nor a son

who has no partner in His Kingdom

who has no friend to protect Him from humiliation

so magnify Him with a great Magnificnace

All Praise is for Allah for all His praiseworthy acts

for all His favours and blessings

All Praise is for Allah who has no opposition in His Kingdom

nor any challenge to His command

All Praise is for Allah who has no partner in creation

nor anyone like Him in His Greatness

All Praise is for Allah, His commands operate over His creation

His Praise is evident through His Generosity

whose bestowal stretches out liberally

His treasures never decrease

(rather) the frequency of His Giving increases

His Generosity and Kindness,

Surely He is the Mighty, the Bestower.

O Allah I ask You a little from much

although I am in great need of it

while You are eternally needless of it

though it is a lot for me

while it is easy and simple for You.

O Allah, indeed Your forgiveness of my sins

and Your overlooking my faults

Your pardoning my oppression

Your hiding my ugly deeds

and Your forbearing my many wrongs

done intentionally or unintentionally

tempted me to ask from You

what I did not deserve from You

which You (still) gave me out of Your Mercy

provided me by Your Power

and made known to me from Your answers.

So I became habituated to call You trustingly

and ask You familiarly

neither fearing nor scared

but with confidence in You for what I intended

Then if there was a delay (in Your answer)

I would blame You, due to my ignorance

and perhaps the delay was best for me

for You know the outcome of all affairs.

I have not seen a more generous master

patient with a wretched slave than You are with me

My Lord, You call me and I turn away from You

You show affection to me and I show hatred towards You

You display Your love for me and I do not respond

as though I am above You

But this does not prevent You from having mercy on me

being good to me

and favouring me, through Your Generosity and Nobility

so please (continue to) have mercy on your ignorant slave

and be kind to him through the excellence of Your Grace

Surely You are the Bountiful, the Generous.

All Praise is for Allah

The Owner of the Kingdom

who makes the ships sail,

controls the wind,

causes the dawn to break,

is the authority on the Day of Judgement,

the Lord of the worlds.

All Praise is for Allah

for His patience despite His knowledge.

All Praise is for Allah

for His forgiveness despite His power.

All Praise is for Allah

for the lengthy respite He gives despite His anger,

though He has the power to do as He wills.

All Praise is for Allah

the creator of all creation,

the provider of plentiful sustenance,

the cleaver of the dawn,

possessor of Glory and Honor,

and Excellence and Blessings,

who is far and thus cannot be seen,

but is close and thus witnesses secret conversations,

Blessed and Exalted be His name.

All Praise is for Allah

who has no equal who argues with Him

nor anyone similar to Him

nor any Helper to support Him

He overpowers the mighty by His strength

the great humble themselves before His tremendousness,

He accomplishes what He wishes through His power

All Praise is for Allah

who answers me when I call Him

covers all my faults yet I disobey Him

increases His bounties on me

but I do not acknowledge them.

How many pleasant gifts He has given me

how many great fears He has removed

how many delightful joys He has shown me

Thus I glorify Him, thanking Him

and I remember Him with praise.

All praise is for Allah

whose curtains cannot be opened

whose doors cannot be locked

who does reject the one who asks Him

and who does not disappoint the one who places hope in Him.

All Praise is for Allah

who provides safety for the frightened

rescues the virtuous

raises the oppressed

humiliates the proud

destroys kings

and replaces them with others.

All Praise is for Allah, who crushes the tyrants

annihilates the oppressors

watches over the runaways

punishes the oppressors

assists those who cry for help

grants the requests of the beseechers

and is the confidence of the believers.

All praise is for Allah

in whose awe the skies and its inhabitants shake

the earth and its inhabitants tremble

the sea and all that swims in it, billows

All praise is for Allah who guided us to this

and we would not have been guided

had He not guided us to this.

All Praise is for Allah

who creates but is not created

gives sustenance but is not given sustenance

feeds but is not fed

causes the living to die and gives life to the dead

He is Ever-living and does not die

in His control is all good

and He has power over all things.

O Allah send Your Blessings on Muhammad

Your servant, Your Messenger

Your trustee, Your chosen One, Your beloved

the best of Your creation

the preserver of Your secrets

and the preacher of Your messages.

prosperous, pleasant, holy and sublime

more than what You have blessed

given, had mercy, sympathized and greeted

anyone from Your servants

Your Prophets, Your Messengers

Your chosen ones

and the honorable ones from Your creation.

O Allah, and send Your blessings on ‘Ali

the commander of the faithful

and the successor of the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds.

Your servant, Your friend

the brother of Your Messenger

Your proof over creation

Your great sign

and the mighty awaited news.

And send blessings on the truthful, pure (lady)

Fatima az­-Zahra

the leader of the women of the worlds.

And send Your blessings on the two grandsons of mercy

(to the world, i.e. the Prophet),the leaders of guidance

Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn

the leaders of the youths of Paradise.

And send blessings on the leaders of Muslims

‘Ali son of Husayn

Muhammad son of ‘Ali

Ja’far son of Muhammad

Musa son of Ja’far

‘Ali son of Musa

Muhammad son of ‘Ali

‘Ali son of Muhammad

Hasan son of ‘Ali

and the successor, the guide and the rightly guided

(these are) Your proofs over Your servants

Your trustees on Your land

(bless them with) numerous and continous blessings

O Allah and send blessings on the guardian of Your orders

the one who will rise

the one hoped for, the awaited justice.

Surround him with Your favourite angels

and assist him with the holy spirit

O Lord of the worlds.

O Allah, appoint him to invite towards Your book

to establish Your religion

make him the successor on the earth

as You caused others to succeed before him

establish for him his religion which You have approved for him

give him security after fear

(so) he worships You and does not associate any with You.

O Allah, give him power and through him strengthen (others)

help him and help (others) through him

help him with a mighty help

give him an easy victory

and grant him an assisting authority from You.

O Allah, make manifest through him Your religion

and the way of Your Prophet

until nothing from the truth remains hidden

from any human being.

O Allah, we earnestly desire from You

an honored state

through which You strengthen Islam and its people

and degrade hypocrisy and its followers.

And make us in it

amongst the inviters towards Your obedience

and the leaders to Your path

give us through it

honor of the world and the Hereafter.


O Allah, what You have made known to us of the truth

help us bear it

and what we fall short

make us reach it.

O Allah, through him

put order in our affairs

gather and unite our flocks

join together our separations

increase our minority

lift us from degradation

relieve our miseries

pull us out of our debts

remove our poverty

fill the gaps in our confusion

ease our difficulties

brighten our faces

free our prisoners

grant our requests

fulfil our promises

answer our calls

grant us our requests

cause us to obtain what we hope for

from this world and the hereafter

and give us more than our expectations.

O the best of all who are asked

and the most generous of bestowers

through him, cleanse our chests

remove the stains of anger and hatred from our hearts

and guide us to the truth on disputed matters

By Your permission

Surely You guide whom You wish to the right path

through him help us to overcome Your enemy

and our enemy

O God of truth, Ameen.

O Allah, we complain to You

of the absence of our Prophet

Your blessings be on him and his family,

the concealment of our leader

the abundance of our enemies

the scarcity of our numbers

the severity of our trials

and the victory of the era against us.

So bless Muhammad and his family

and help us overcome that by,

granting us an immediate victory

dispersing miseries

giving us a help that strengthens

providing an authority of truth which You manifest

a mercy from You which is clear to us

and a well­being from You which clothes us

by Your mercy O most merciful.