The Supplication for saving from deviation (Adeelah)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.


Allah (Himself) is witness that there is no god but He. English image

The angles and the men of wisdom, standing firm for justice (too are witness).

That there is no god but He, the Almighty, the All-Wise. Verily, religion with Allah is Islam.

And I, a timid servant, sinful, guilty, insignificant, needy, destitute, give witness of my Benefactor, my creator, my Sustainer, and my liberal patron, just as He Himself testifies, and testify the Angles and the men of wisdom, His servants, that verily there is no god but He, Possessor of bounties and favors, generosity and blessings.

Eternal almighty, Ever-lasting, knower, One and only Ever-living, Ever-existing, Hearer, seer, willing, discriminating, Aware, Independent. Worthy is He of these attributes, although, truly speaking, He is over and above attribution. He was Almighty prior to the actuality of might and power was created. He was wise before the conception of knowledge and reason was brought about. He was Absolute Sovereign even when there was no kingdom or possession. He is Glory under all circumstances. His supreme Being is prior to antecedence, and Eternal, without a beginning. He will survive continually beyond the end of everything, imperishable, and without an end. He has no needs; in the beginning as well as in the end. He is able free from dependence, by Himself, whether inward, or outward, there is no injustice in His Judgment, no unfairness in His management, no oppression in His administration.

(It is) impossible to deny His Sovereignty, or to run away from His firm grip, or to avoid His punishment. His mercy overtakes his anger. If a (handicapped) person asks for anything from Him, unable to approach Him (properly) on account of frustrating trouble, he is treated in the matter of fulfillment at par with an able beseecher. He has given capacity to carry out (His) commands, has made it easy to avoid (His) prohibitions and has not made obedience cumbersome but according to one’s competency.

Glory be to he! How much kind is He! Highest is His glory. Glory be to He! How wonderful His gifts! And certainly his favours are countless. He sent down Prophets to explain clearly His justice, appointed guides to make known his power and generosity, and put us among the ummah (followers) of the Prophet-in-chief, the closest friend of Allah, the superlative being, and the most pious, Muhammad, Allah’s blessings and peace be on him and on his descendants.

We paid attention to him, believed in what he said, and in the Holy Quran, Thou revealed to him, and in his successor Ali, appointed by him on the day of Ghadeer, and identified in clear words: “This is Ali”. I testify that there are pious Imams and righteous successors, after the chosen Messenger, from Ali, the subduer of infidels. After him, his eldest son, Hasan bin Ali, thereafter his brother, Hussain, the grandson of the Messenger of Allah, obedience unto whom is the will of Allah; then Ali, the adorer of Allah (A’abid), then Muhammad, the treasure of knowledge (Baqir), then Ja’far, the truthful (Sadiq), then Moosa the sagacious (Kazim), then Ali the devoted (Riza), then Muhammad the pious (Taqi), then Ali the (Naqi), then Hasan the gatherer (Askari), then, the awaited savior, evident argument and established successor, my hope, because of hose perpetuity, the world is going on; because of whose blessings all living beings get their daily bread, because of whose presence, the heaven and the earth stay stable; and through him Allah will fill the earth with equity and justice, when it is run over with tyranny and oppression.

I bear witness that their words are decisive arguments; to follow their example is obligatory, to obey them is compulsory, to love them is necessary (because it has been) preordained, to take after them is sure salvation, to oppose them is certain destruction. They are the chiefs of the people of paradise, effective helpers on the Day of Judgment, the best guides for the mankind, surely the best approved successors. I testify that death is certain, interrogation in the grave is certain, raising of the dead is certain, Siraat (the bridge over hell) is certain, Meezan (trail) is certain, Hisaab (accountability) is certain, The Book (Holy Quran) is true, paradise is real, Hell is real, and certainly there is no doubt in the hour of resurrection. Verily Allah shall raise the dead from their graves.

O Allah! I hope to receive Thy favor, Thy generosity and mercy I expect for getting into paradise, for my conduct gives me no right, for obtaining Thy bliss as I was not obedient, except that I believe Thy Oneness, and Thy Justice. I depend upon Thy favors, and Thy generosity. Accommodated me for the sake of my Prophet and his progeny, Thy beloved friends. Thou art the most Generous, the most Merciful. O Allah send blessings on the best creature, Muhammad, and on his pious and pure progeny. There is no authority and no might except Allah’s, the High, the Great. (All) praise is for Allah, the lord of the worlds. My Allah! O the most Merciful, I deposit my beliefs and religion with Thee as a Trust, Thou art the best of all trustees, We have been commanded to preserve that which is entrusted to us, so give back (what I have deposited now) at the time of my death and when “Munkar and Nakeer” will question me, for the sake of Muhammad and his pure and pious progeny, through Thy Mercy, O the Most Merciful.