Be Kind to Children

A wealthy man went to Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) home to visit him. While they were speaking, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) sat his grandchild, Hussain (AS) on his lap and started kissing him. The man was looking at Prophet’s behavior toward the child in wonder. He said sadly “I have some children, but I have never kissed them.”


The Holy Prophet (PBUH) became upset and said, “What should I do when Allah has removed mercy from your heart”.


This short story explicitly reveals Islam’s emphasis on the respectful and kind behavior toward children as the builders of the society’s future.  This short piece of writing is going to talk about kindness to children.


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We are the ones who draw the picture of our children’s lives; it is our choice to draw a beautiful or an ugly one. A child, who lives in an integrated, peaceful and kind family, undoubtedly enjoys a more lively spirit than his other peers who do not have the opportunity to live in such families.


Psychoanalytically speaking, you might have heard a lot about the role of kindness in upbringing children, as well as its impact on their future. Now let's take a look at what Islamic leaders have said about this issue.


If you have a child or know a child around you, you might find this saying of Imam Sadiq (AS) with regard to children interesting: “Love your children and be kind to them, and if you promise them, keep your promise, for they know nobody but you as their providers”. Imam Sadiq (AS), besides emphasizing on kindness toward children, draws our attention to the importance of keeping our promise with children. As children, with their pure nature, are not yet aware of the concept of breaking promises, if the older ones commit this act, they will learn from them and copy their behavior. As a result, imitating this wrong deed will have damaging effects on the child’s spirit.


children in islam, salamislam, family in islam

In another quote from Imam Sadiq (AS), he said: “The one who kisses his child, Allah will give him a reward in the hereafter, and the one who makes his child happy, Allah will make him happy in the resurrection day”. He also said: “Kiss your children a lot because each kiss will raise your statues in front of God”.


There are a lot of narrations and traditions about kind behavior toward children in reliable Islamic sources. In the end, it is noteworthy that the holy Prophet (PBUH) has emphasized a lot on playing with children in a very childish way as if you are a child yourself; this point of view is a modern psychological approach which our Prophet (PBUH) mentioned 1400 years ago.


The holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “be close and friendly to your children and hug them”.