A Verse A Day: Surah Ibrahim, Verse 40-41

" My Lord! Make me a maintainer of prayer, and my descendants [as well]. Our Lord, accept my supplication.

Our Lord! Forgive my parents and me, and all the faithful, on the day when the...

6 Points that Reveal Imam Hussain (AS) Was Not After War

Looking at Imam Hussain (AS)'s movement and the incidents that took place on Karbala, one might...

8 diferencias entre la batalla de Karbala y otras batallas importantes de la historia
  1.  Los valores humanos importaban más que la victoria en su aparente sentido en la batalla de Karbala...
8 Differences Between the Battle of Karbala and Other Important Battles in History

1. Human values mattered more than the victory in its apparent sense in the battle of Karbala.  

2. No sin was committed by the leader of this battle, Imam Hussain (AS), in achieving his...

A Verse A Day: Surah al Baqarah , Verse 128

" Our Lord, make us submissive to you, and [raise] from our progeny a nation submissive to you, and show us our rites [of worship], and turn to us clemently. 

Indeed You are the All-Clement...

Algunos conceptos erroneos acerca de las Mujeres Musulmanas

una mujer musulman no puede:

Elija la ocupacion que quiere.

Poseer propiedad sin ninguna sobre ella.

Heredar diner de su marido o de sus padres.

Educar Elgir a su...

Matrimonio interreligioso en el Islam

Cuando un Musulman quiere casarse con un no Musulman... 

5 Lessons we learn from Imam Hussain (AS)'s Revolution

 Imam Hussain (AS) made any effort to clarify the truth and goals for which they rose up and were ready to sacrifice their lives.

5 things we learn from him:

1. Live the life of a...

The Battle of Karbala: A Timeline

680 A.D

Rajab 15: Death of Mu'awiya b. Abi Sufyan and Yazid's claim for the caliphate.

Rajab 28: Departure of Imam Hussain(AS) from Medina to avoid the oath of allegiance to Yazid....

8 Pieces of Advice to the Young Ones by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

On the International Youth Day, we offer you this Infographic by Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH&HP) quotes: 


1.  Enjoy every moment of youth, since it will never return.


una mirada a la vida del Imam Musa b.Jafar al kazim

745 D.C. Nació en la aldea de Abwa, entre La Meca y Medina, cuando sus padres, el Imam Sadiq (AS) y Hamida,...