Role Models

Leaving behind the town where one is born and raised is a daring decision, which is often followed by many challenges and difficulties. You enter a new world, have to live with new people, and speak a new language.

1. The Taste of Water

The taste of water is the taste of life. 

Mohammad-Baqer Majlesi, Bihar al-Anwar, vol.49, p.99.

There is a question that occupies the minds of many of us; what will remain of us in this world after we are long gone? Have we left this world and the generations followed by us a worthy legacy? Or we will soon be forgotten?

1. Observe Justice

If you observe justice about yourself, you will be trusted in judging others.
Muhammad ibn Ya'qub al-Kulayni, al-Kafi, vol.2, p.146.

If your right were taken away unfairly, what would be your reaction? Of course, you would stand up for your right and try to take it back or maybe fight for it. What if this reaction would make everything worse?

1. How to Treat People

Treat people the way you like to be treated.

Hasan ibn Muhammad Deilami, Aalam al-din fi Sifat al-Moumenin, p.297.

Throughout the history of humankind, strong women have always been a source of inspiration and growth. Women who, alongside men, brought significant changes to the world, making it a better place to live and to prosper.

The concept of the last savior and his advent exist in many religions, although with some fundamental differences.


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Imam Hussain

1.  Aim of Imam Hussain (AS)’s Revolution

The aim of my revolution is to reform the society and revive the true teachings of Islam

(Tuhaf al-Uqul, p.243)