Which one seems nicer to you to live in, a jungle or a cottage in a jungle? Mountains or a cave in the middle of the mountains? I guess we all agree that the latter alternatives look nicer places for living. Why is it so? Have you ever thought about it? This must be because humans always tend to put some boundaries around them considering these boundaries as the means of protection.

These limitations are supposed to keep us safe from probable dangers which mostly act like a threat from the more powerful groups to weaker ones.

refuge, protection, God, Allah

Jaime, being raised in a Christian family, did not define any borders for her activities. She did whatever she wanted. She used to smoke and use drugs. It was like nothing could control her.

A program on TV made her interested in doing a research about Islam. She wanted to know the reason behind all the troubles Muslims are involved in. The more she read, the more she got interested. She never thought she would become a Muslim but later on she thought why not?!

Islam looked like a sweet border for her activities. In fact, it could protect her. She became even more interested by realizing that she did not have to quit any of her favorite activities. She could keep on waterskiing and snowboarding. The only activities she had to give up were the ones that she had no reason for doing and they were even harmful! This was why she did not see Islam as a limitation but a protection instead.

protect, Islam, new Muslim, Hijab

Now, she is very proud of being a Muslim and having a Muslim husband who was the first reason of her interest in the religion. She believes that Islam respects women far more than any other religion and this is why Hijab is obligatory.

Islam has brought her peace. Before that, she was very eager to become a star in Hollywood but after becoming a Muslim she found everything she had been looking for, PEACE!