Ramadan el mes del Coran: Allah, el ayudante

" Si Dios os ayunda, nadie podra venceros y si os abandona Quien podra ayundaros despues de El? iQue los creyentes confien en Dios! " 

Coran (3:160)

A Verse A Day 11: Surah Yusuf, Verse 86

This " A verse a day " mentions sharing pain and grief with Allah. 

" He (Jacob) said, 'I complain...

A Verse A Day : Surah Yusuf verse 86


" He (Jacob) said, 'I complain of my anguish and grief only to Allah. I know from Allah what you do not know." Quran (12:86) 

In this " A Verse a day"  Infographic you see:


Ramadan The Month Of Quran: Astray

" Whomever Allah leads astray has no guide, and He leaves them bewildered in their rebellion. " Quran (7:186) 


We fast for Allah (SWT)

Islam has specified some conditions for fasting (Swam) to be accepted. 

  " Oh Allah, we fast for...

The Month Of Ramadan starts with Mercy

The month of Ramadan is a door that has been opened to get Muslims nearer to Allah.

 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) said: " The Month of Ramadan starts with mercy, goes on with forgiveness...

Imam Mahdi (AS) The Awaited Saviour

“ No doubt, Allah will send a man from my progeny to spread justice all over the universe when oppression and cruelty rule over the earth, even if only one day remains from this universe.”  ...

Mobile Background: Remember Allah

Remember Allah by changing your mobile background.

" He whose Name is a remedy, and Whose remembrance is a cure "

Desktop Background: Remember Allah

In the supplication of Kumayl, Imam Ali (AS) teaches us how to remember Allah by calling Him. beautify your desktop by downloading this background.

" He whose Name is a remedy, and Whose...

Allah is Guidance

... "Indeed it is the guidance of Allah which is [ true ] guidance."... Quran (2:120) 

   God tests us in ways we don’t always expect. ask Him to guide us.

Everything Belongs To Allah


When we look around deeply, we find out much more things to think about Allah and be thankful to him.

"To Allah belongs the east and the west: so...

Have you taken a promise with Allah?

 He mentions in the Holy Quran  "...Allah will never break His promise..." Quran (2:80)