Imam Ali (AS)

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is the most important festival in the Islamic calendar. It provides us with an...

We fast for Allah (SWT)

Islam has specified some conditions for fasting (Swam) to be accepted. 

  " Oh Allah, we fast for...

A Glance at the Life of Imam Ali (AS):A Motion Graphic

This Motion Graphic summarizes some of the most important incidents in the life of Imam Ali (AS).

Imam Ali (AS) and prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) took Imam Ali (AS) under his own guardianship and said: " Ali (AS) and I are the roots of the same tree."


Imam Ali (AS), Martyrdom, Ramadan, commander of the faithful, faithful, destitute, help, hardship, love, Allah

"The faithful who help the destitute in the hardships and misfortunes of their life, are loved most by Allah" Imam Ali (AS)

In this video we have some parts of Imam Ali’s statements regarding philosophy of life and the life of this world. The deep logics behind...