Imam Hussain (AS)

7 Essential Questions about the Day Of Arafah

1. What is the day of Arafah?

The day Hajj pilgrims spend on the plain of Arafat praying, asking for forgiveness, and thanking Allah for giving them the opportunity to perform Hajj.


Imam Hussain (AS), muharram 2018, Salam Islam

In these series of infographics, we deal with the historical side of Imam Hussain's (AS) movement as well as the reasons that led to the event of Karbala.

backbiting in Islam, Imam Hussain (AS), Salam Islam

Mutual respect and being kind with each other are among the two most significant moral lessons of Islam. Therefore, backbiting in Islam is among the acts that are highly forbidden. Many verses of...

The word Muharram is frequently considered synonymous with Ashura, the 10th day of the Muharram month. As this tragic event...