Imam Muhammad al-baqir

Imam Muhammad al-baqir, Salam Islam, Islamic life

Imam Muhammad b. Ali al-Baqir (AS) known as Imām al-Bāqir and Bāqir al-'Ulūm, is our fifth Imam. In his period, he made a great scientific movement. He was greater than anyone in piety, merits,...

smiling in Islam, kindness in Islam, Islamic life, Salam Islam

Smiling in Islam has much been recommended to the extent that showing a smiley face to your fellow Muslims is equal to doing charity. 

Imam Muhammad al-baqir, Salam Islam, New Muslims, Islamic life

The fifth Imam of the Shi'a Muslims- Imam al-Baqir (AS) - made a great scientific movement which reached its peak at the time of his son Imam al-Sadiq (AS). He was greater than...