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Reason is your best friend and ignorance your worst enemy

Imam Reza (AS)

Imam al-Hassan (AS) was the son of the mistress of the women of the worlds, Fatima (AS) and the Commander of the faithful- Imam Ali (AS). Imam Hasan died as a martyr, poisoned through a plan...

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"There is certainly a good exemplar for you in the Apostle of Allah" Quran (33:21)

 International Day for Tolerance is annually observed on November 16 and now, this video is a good reminder regarding the attitude of Islam and Muslims toward tolerance and its important role.

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In this infographic some important points about the day of Arbaeen are explained.

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16th of November is marked as the international day of tolerance by united nations to foster mutual understanding among cultures and peoples. Imam Ali (AS) always invited people to respect each...

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"Behold! the hearts find rest in Allah's rememberance!" Quran (13:28)

October 3rd, 2017, marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn al-Hussain (AS). His role would reach beyond the plains of Karbala...

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"To me, death for the sake of what is right, is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants nothing but living in a hell"

Imam Hussain's (AS) aim in standing against Yazid's tyranny is clarified by three intellectuals, including Dr. Chris Hewer teacher...

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Imam Hussain (AS) believed that the aim of his revolution was to reform the society and revive the true teachings of Islam.

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One of the most prominent characteristics of Imam Hussain (AS) was his free-spirit and his belief in not surrendering to the injustice and wrongdoings. He manifested...