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World Health Day

On these days of quarantine and especially World health day, we have to think about Allah's most precious blessing granted us.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) said:  " Health is one of the...

gift giving in Islam

Gift giving in Islam is one of the recommended manners in this religion. Giving gifts, however, requires some especial manners so that it would foster a positive feeling in the taker. 

social networks in Islam

It may not be a great deal for Muslims even to check if hanging around in social networks in Islam is Lawful (Halal) or forbidden (Haram) for them. The question may sound very dogmatic when you...

youth in Islam, health in Islam, salam islam

Youth and health in Islam are two precious blessings of Allah to human beings whose worth they find too late.

prophet Muhammad, Salam Islam, Islamic life

One might wonder how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent his time at home. Did he dedicate all his time to prayer? Did he spare any time for his family and for himself? Imam Sajjad (AS) answers these...

productive muslim, Islamic life

Islam is a way of life and should be manifested in all aspects of our daily lives. To be a more productive Muslim one should commit to what Islam recommends and try to make progress every day.

goodness in Islam, happiness in Islam, Islamic life, Salam Islam

The one devoted to an Islamic life knows that whatever he/she does whether good or bad will see the result in this world and the world that is to come.

Imam Muhammad al-baqir, Salam Islam, Islamic life

Imam Muhammad b. Ali al-Baqir (AS) known as Imām al-Bāqir and Bāqir al-'Ulūm, is our fifth Imam. In his period, he made a great scientific movement. He was greater than anyone in piety, merits,...

smiling in Islam, kindness in Islam, Islamic life, Salam Islam

Smiling in Islam has much been recommended to the extent that showing a smiley face to your fellow Muslims is equal to doing charity. 

Salam Islam, Islamic life, prosperity in Islam

What is prosperity in Islam? how does one reaches happiness in this life according to Islam? Which path must a believer choose?

muslim men, modesty in Islam, Islamic life, Salam Islam

Modesty in Islam is not limited to Muslim women but Muslim men as well. Islam asks Muslim men to be careful with their manners and try to act in a way that won't risk their modesty.

verses of Quran, salamislam, Islamic life

Being truthful is a choice that we as Muslims should make. For our life to be colored with Allah's satisfaction it is our duty to always follow the truth, then we can say that we are leading an ...