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Loving humanity is second only to having faith in Allah as one of the best deeds in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Imam Rida

"Visit each other regularly to create more love between yourselves, and hold each other's hands and wipe anger away from your hearts" Imam Rida (AS)

Source: Bihar al-Anvar, vol. 78, p. 347...

Imam Sadeq, Martyrdom, friends, love, kindness

"Between two Muslim freinds, the one that loves the other is the better one" Imam Sadeq (AS)

Make Me Strong” is one the most pleasing and spiritual lyrics from 'Wherever You Are' album. In this video, Sami Yusuf...

Abu Hamza Thumali supplication, Ramadan, Allah, need, love

"All praise is for Allah who endeared me even though He is not in need of me"

Imam Ali (AS), Martyrdom, Ramadan, commander of the faithful, faithful, destitute, help, hardship, love, Allah

"The faithful who help the destitute in the hardships and misfortunes of their life, are loved most by Allah" Imam Ali (AS)

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"Love children and Be kind to them" Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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"O Allah on this day, grant me a share from Your mercy which is wide, guide me towards Your shining proofs, lead me to Your all encompassing pleasure, by Your love, O...

“And of His signs is that He created for you mates from your own selves that you may take comfort in them, and He ordained affection and...

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My name is Abdullah DeLancey.  I am Canadian and I am employed as a Patient Service Worker at the local hospital. […] I was a Protestant Christian for all of my life.
My family brought me up...

This music video beautifully captures some of the symbolic sites in Jordan, including the Citadel King, Petra, the Holy Baptism Site, Wadi...

This video shows that love is alive yet, peace can overwhelm hate; this video is a short and brief document that Islam teaches us amity,...