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Mobile Background: Ramadan

On the Month of Ramadan, The Month Of Mercy, beautify your Mobile Background.

Mobile Background: Remember Allah

Remember Allah by changing your mobile background.

" He whose Name is a remedy, and Whose remembrance is a cure "

mobile background

Looking at this Islamic mobile background reminds you of the never-ending mercy of Allah, whose presence in all the moments of our lives gives us hope of having someone who protects us and listens...

mobile background

Allah asks us to call upon Him, and He promises us to respond and listen to our prayers and supplications. This Islamic mobile background provides us the chance to be aware that there is always...


The time for Hajj pilgrimage is about to end, and some of the pilgrims have already back home. This mobile background reminds us of the importance of accomplishing this ritual in Allah's regard...

mobile background

Losing hope? finding it difficult to keep going? remind yourself of Allah's mercy which is prevalent among all His creatures. This heart-warming mobile background can cheer you up! 

Mobile background

Allah is near and hears our prayers and listens to our supplications. With this inspiring and eye-pleasing mobile background remind yourself of the love of Allah on every second of your life.

quran, mobile background

Salam Islam's new mobile background will freshen up your mobile phone with the beautiful verse of Quran about some of the characteristics of Allah. 

mobile background

Use this mobile background to lighten up your mobile phone with a beautiful verse of the Quran  

mobile background

Beautify your wallpaper with this colorful and eye-pleasing mobile background along with one of the most inspiring verses of Quran