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"O' Allah! Today is the day of Arafa. A day that has been honored and praised by you. This day is blessed by your mercy,...

 Hamza Thumali supplication, Ramadan, Dua, prayer, bountifulness, ambition

"So fulfill my ambition and accept my prayerm O' the Best who was ever prayed to! O' the Most bountiful who was ever wished!"

Abu Hamza Thumali supplication, Dua, prayer, bountifulness, compassion, kindness, Allah

" I call upon your blessed awards, I call upon Your splendid favors, I call upon Your immense bountifulness, I call upon Your enormous endowments, I call upon Your...

Ramadan, Abu Hamza Thumali supplication, Dua, prayer

"I Call upon your beautiful protection of secrets, I call upon Your abundant pardon, I call upon Your neighboring relief, I call upon Your quick rescuem I call upon...

Abu Hamza Thumali, Dua, prayer, Ramadan, Fasting

"All praise is for Allah whom I do not plead to anyone but Him, for if I pleaded to others, they would not grant me"

Ramadan, daily prayer, Dua, Fasting, Allah

"O Allah on this day, strengthen me in carrying out Your commands, let me taste the sweetness of Your rememberance, grant me, through Your graciousness, that I give...

Abu Hamza Thumali, supplication, Ramadan, Dua, prayer, Allah

"All praise is for Allah whom I call upon with my needs whenever I wish, and I entrust Him with my secrets without an intercessor, and He grants me my wishes"...

Your Prayer 's (Salat) right on you is ...

knowing that it is an arrival before Allah and that...

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"O' you who have faith! when the call is made for prayer on friday, hurry toward the rememberance of Allah, and leave all business." (62:9)

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"Oh you who have faith! Take recourse in patience and prayer; indeed Allah is with the patient"(2:153)

Here is an step by step guide toward converting to Islam.

 In this Hadith Imam Sadiq (A.S) highlights the importance of performing daily prayers (Salat ).