World Humanitarian Day

This year’s World Humanitarian Day honors the front-line health workers, including doctors and nurses, and those who risk their lives to ensure that everyone has access to health services,...

Remember Allah (SWT) in Hajj

" And when you finish your rites, then remember Allah as you would remember your fathers, or with a more ardent remembrance..." Holy Quran (2:200)

Best Of Creatures

This verse clearly shows that good believing people who do righteous deeds are even higher than the angels, because the verse is general and there is no exception made in it.

" Indeed those...

Ease & Hardship

He who suffers the hardships and stands against the storms of miseries with patience will surely taste the sweetness of its fruit. It will be the day when the voice of the enemies faints, their...

Best Creation

The broadness of the meaning refers to the fact that Allah has created malt proportionately in all respects; both from the bodily point of view and from the spiritual and rational point of view...

Kindness To Parents

"  Your Lord has decreed that you shall not worship anyone except Him, and [ He has enjoined] kindness to parents. " Quran (17:23) 

10 Essential Questions Answered about the Holy Quran

1. From whom was it sent? 

from Allah, through the archangel Gabriel (Jibrail)

2. To whom was the Holy Quran revealed?

prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

3. How was it...

the quran

Prophethood is a sublime status granted only to those who are chosen. A prophet deals with the heart and souls of humans; it is, therefore, a delicate matter to believe in the one who claims...

A Verse A Day 12: Surah Adh-Dhariyat , Verse 55

Those who have faith are in need of receiving advice [to improve themselves]. from " And admonish, for admonition indeed benefits the faithful"


A Verse A Day: Surah Adh-Dhariyat , Verse 55

" And admonish, for admonition indeed benefits the faithful" Quran (51:55)

1. We should doubt in our faith if we can't accept any advice or admonition.

2. A faithful person considers...

Ramadan The Month Of Quran: Allah's mercy

" ...Indeed Allah's mercy is close to the virtuous. " Quran (7:56)

Five Well-known English Translations of The Holy Quran and Their Characteristics

Here are five well-known English translations of the Holy Quran:

1. Holy Qur'an: Translated...