childrens rights in islam

This infographic enumerates the children's rights based on Islamic texts. 


the Life of Prophet Muhammad, prophet, Muhammad, Islam, Muslims

This infographic provides a quick glance at the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), from his birth to death, including the most important incidents in his life. 

Arba'een, Arba'een walk, Imam Hussain, Islam, Muslims, Salam Islam

In this infographic some important points about the day of Arbaeen are explained.

October, 2017 calendar, Islamic calendar, Salam Islam

Here is the beautifully designed calendar of the month of October with Islamic Ocassions 

Imam Hussain (AS) is one of the greatest personalities among Muslims. However, he manifested many characteristics in his actions that even...

In this infographic, some actions that Muslims do during the day of Eid of Ghadir is introduced.

Here is the Islamic calendar for the month of September

Here is a brief infographic about the philosophy behind each ritual performed during Hajj. For more information read:


What are the things that you always hear about Muslims but are not true? What are some of these misconceptions?


Here is August's Islamic calendar with a beautiful design

Here are 3 misconceptions that are common about Muslim men's attitude in the family.

Here is some important points about one of the widely read Surahs of Quran, Surah al-Fatiha or al-Hamd.