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Hussain (AS), the Saviour of Islam
S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali
Ansariyan Publications
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Wed, 04/18/2018 - 16:04

Hussain (AS), the Saviour of Islam

The book presents the lifetime of Imam Hussain (AS) from birth to martyrdom.
Within a brief period of less than half a century after the Prophet’s (PBUH) death, the society he had conceived crumbled, the values he held dear were lost. By careful manipulation and shrewd planning, those who opposed him during his life grasped the power. The oppressive authority of Bani Ummaya was bent upon systematically dismantling Islamic jurisprudence. The Prophet’s (PBUH) traditions were being slaughtered or otherwise silenced. It was true, as it always is in such crucial times, that fear and greed remained the only motivations. The general public, as it was under the perpetual fear of the sword on its head, remained quiet. It seemed that no one would be able to challenge the oppressors. The situation demanded timely action failing which the Shariat of Muhammad (PBUH) was bound to be doomed and the sacrifices made for it would have come to naught. If Muhammad's (PBUH) message was right, someone had to take a stand, Hussain (AS), the Prophet’s grandson stood up. This book is a narration of his journey both physical and intellectual, its courses and its effects.
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