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The Secret of Prayer
Ruhullah al-Musawi al-Khomeini
The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works, International Affairs Department
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Wed, 02/01/2017 - 14:42

The Secret of Prayer

Shortly, there are ranks and stages for the prayer the stage of which differs from the other stages, as the rank of which quite differs from the rank of the other, thus as far as man is in the form of man and is formal man, his prayer is formal, the use of such prayer is only health and physical ritual discipline; provided he performs the whole conditions, and the ritual disciplines completely, (his prayer) cannot be accepted by the God’s court. If he from the apparent stage finds it into the inner stage and comprehends the connotation of which internally and as far as such trend goes on, up to that stage his prayer takes the real form, Rather according to whatever has been said that the prayer is the mount of conduct to the God’s way, the matter changes differently, thus, as far as the man’s prayer is within the form of mere prayer’s frame, has not gone into the inner case and the secret of which has been realized, man is still man and has not been reached the reality thereabout, thus the criterion and the measurement in complement of humanity and reality is the ascension to the real ascending and ascension to the ultimate point of the completion and achieving the union of God’s gate through the prayer’s stages.

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