The First Reason behind Islam's Quick Spread Round the World

Islam has spread much more quickly than the other religions all over the world. The question is how this has happened? And it becomes more important when we consider the situation in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emerged.


He (PBUH) invited people to Islam while he did not have any wealth or position and even when his family opposed him; except his wife, Lady Khadija (AS), and his cousin, Imam Ali (AS). Several factors were involved which we will discuss in a series of articles. Here, the focus is on how pleasant characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) helped Islam to become well known throughout the world.

The Quran confirms the impact of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) behavior 


In the Quran it is emphasized that the morals and attitude of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was one of the factors which attracted people to Islam: “had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they (people) would have surely scattered from around you” (3:159). This pleasant behavior of the Prophet (PBUH) which made people inclined to him and Islam is known to be due to the God’s mercy over him (PBUH) (3:159).


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Indulgent in Personal Affairs, Severe in People’s Rights

 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was forgiving towards those who had bothered him or even insulted him. It is narrated that once, a Jew accused Prophet (PBUH) of owing him some money and insisted on paying him back immediately. Prophet (PBUH) told him gently that he had made a mistake, but the man repeated his claim and suddenly assaulted the Prophet (PBUH). The companions of Prophet (PBUH) came to interfere, but he (PBUH) said: “I know how to deal with my friend.” He (PBUH) behaved very nicely such that the man acknowledged that this behavior is only expected from a prophet and he declared his belief and embraced Islam right there. 


However, he (PBUH) was very serious about applying Islamic regulations or others’ rights. It is narrated that a woman from Quraysh [i] had stolen something; she confessed and had to be punished. Many people, including her family, interfered to change the Prophet’s mind and to stop her punishment. Prophet (PBUH) told people that they had meddled because she was from a famous family, but there is no exception to Islamic rules. 

Taking Advice from Others


To provide an exemplary leader for others, to train people to act alike, to valorize his companions and to convince people to follow his instructions, Prophet (PBUH) used to take advice. Of course, in the end, he (PBUH) was the one who decided and made firm decisions: “consult them on the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah” (3:159).


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Advertising and Inviting to Islam with Wisdom and Affection by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Invite (mankind) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better” (16:125). Unlike what is advertised against Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never forced people or threatened them to accept Islam.


On the contrary, following the advice of the Quran, he promoted Islam with kindness, fairness, and wisdom. Instead of humiliating and discriminating non-Muslims, or being harsh and fierce, he used rational argument and discussion which also improved their rationality and thinking power [1]. This followed the fact that embracing Islam should be according to the personal perception and understanding and it cannot be based on the imitation [2].



[i]A mercantile tribe that historically inhabited and controlled Mecca and Ka'aba.