Morality, Ethics and Moral actions

“I was sent by Allah/God to complement the best of morality” [1].



Morality is one of the most fundamental principles of any society and the determining factor of the success or corruption of human beings. There are different aspects to life, and most of them are still unknown to man due to his limitations and restrictions by nature. Therefore, human science and knowledge are not enough to discover all aspects of humanity.



On the other hand, viewing life and universe as the artistic creation of Allah, one can conclude that He is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. Therefore the knowledge which He provided man with to have a beneficial and prosperous life is essential and vital for the blooming progress of humankind. This knowledge is called ‘religion’.



morality, moral, Salam Islam


On our journey, we face difficulties, joy, sadness, hardship, success, and failure in different forms and occasions, including personal life, married life, academic environment, and workplace where taking the right actions and decisions sometimes becomes challenging. Relying on the roadmap provided by Allah Himself, reduces the tension and paves the way for making the right and sound decisions. That is the origin of Islamic ethics and the rationale behind the mentioned Hadith from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).



In the Quran, different commands suggest a safe journey through life:


and indeed you possess a great character” (68: 4).


We did not send you but as a mercy to all the nations” (21:107).


Allah loves the steadfast” (3:146).


And hasten towards your Lord's forgiveness and a paradise as vast as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the God-wary. Those who spend in ease and adversity and, suppress their anger, and excuse [the faults of] the people, and Allah loves the virtuous” (3:133,134).


Indeed the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most God-wary among you” (49:13).


morality, Salam Islam



These are just a few examples of endless guidelines provided in the holy Quran. All the prophets were depicted as role models for human morality and ethics; one of whom was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who tried his best to invite all people to Islam through his practical ethics. He stands in history as the best model for man in piety and perfection. He is living proof of what man can be and of what he can accomplish in the realm of excellence and virtue.  



To sum up, leading an ethical life without any guidelines can be an exhausting task. Although there are many different views on consulting right and wrong, the most reliable and guaranteed is the one provided by Allah, called religion. In the religion of Islam, there are various ethical instructions and guidelines ranging from educational systems, raising children, science and medicine to business, individual and social life altogether offered comprehensively and feasibly.




[1]. Kanz-ol-a’maal, 13th vol. p.151, Hadith #36472