Personal Life

The death of a loved one, the problems at home or work, and even maintaining the Islamic regulations and orders might sometimes be challenging for us.

According to dictionary definitions salvation means “deliverance from the power and effects of sin” [1].

Our knowledge about Prophet Adam and his wife Eve, unlike our knowledge about other prophets, is very little.

We keep hearing arguments about Islam from different people.

No matter if you were born a Muslim or you’ve just converted to Islam; understanding the Quran may be hard for you, because the Holy Quran, unlike any other books, is not classified in chronological or in subject order.

For modern people who live in this era and feel that their smart devices can solve all of their problems, it may be a question that why they should follow a religion like Islam, while they are pros. 

If you have ever experienced such hard conditions in life that you see your life or other peoples’ lives completely purposeless or absolutely miserable and you may have thought of killing yourself or ending miserable peoples’ lives, then I...

One of the significant aspects of responsibility in Islam is the responsibility towards ourselves and how we treat our bodies and souls. As discussed previously, every Muslim is responsible towards himself.


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