Social Life

The hours of fasting in Ramadan vary based on the geographical position of the city where one lives.

Imagine one of your ordinary days in which you go out in the morning to go to work or the university or anywhere else. You attend some gatherings.

We are far ahead of the time when people lived in actual social networks. People living in a town or village were in a strong relationship with one another, and of course, it served them well.

Islam's history from the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) until now has witnessed many challenges that were overcome through the flexible...

As explained in the first part of the topic, Islam has spread much more quickly compared to other religions all over the world. The traits of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were introduced as one of the reasons.

Islam has spread much more quickly than the other religions all over the world. The question is how this has happened? And it becomes more important when we consider the situation in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emerged.

Following the discussions on the concept of responsibility in Islam and Muslims' duties towards other human beings, this article reviews the duties towards the teachers, students, and young and older adults.Teachers are acknowledged and valorized...


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“O ALLAH, bless Muhammad (PBUH) and his Progeny ! Bless us in this day of our festival and our fast-breaking, make it one of the best of days that have passed over us.” Imam Sajjad (AS) - Sahifa...