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Coexistence means living together, cooperating socially and economically of either the people of two countries to fulfill their livelihood or two individuals who might not share the same interests.

It might have happened to you that when there is a ladder leaned against a wall and as you want to pass under it, someone calls you and says: “Do not pass under a ladder!” You might think it's crazy, or you might find it acceptable and even...

There are many cruel incidents in the history of humankind, in which millions of people have been violently killed.

Love and kindness are two of the main components of Islam.

In different cultures or religions, people pay special attention to some specific numbers. For example, numbers 7, 40, and 70 are amongst lucky numbers, and number 13 is known to be a cursed number in some cultures.

Muslims commemorate the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions, called Arbaeen, meaning the fortieth day in Arabic.

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar, a month that holds great significance for many Muslims around the world, including Shias and Sunnis.

Have you ever thought about sacrificing what you love most? How would you feel then? What if you lose that to gain a better thing; something that would make you a better person, more worthwhile?


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Have you ever thought about the concept of earning in Islam? or what role wealth plays in our lives and why we really need to earn money? To some people money could be a result from the exchange...

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On the last days of the year, we usually look back at what we did and what were the things we gained in that 365 days that passed.