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Turning points in life do not come around all the time and certainly not easily. When it happens, you become a new person who sees the world around differently, who notices things that weren’t important before. Stepping on a new path and accepting a new religion, for sure have its own story for each one of us; A story of our inner journey toward light and eternal happiness. Would you like to share your story with us?

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My name is Tarik Preston. I embraced the religion of Islam in 1988 at the age of 19.
The story of how I came to embrace Islam is not a very long story, and in many respects, I think that...

August 02 2017 ,0 comments
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My name is Frank Estrada. I was raised a Roman Catholic. I was so devout, I even hoped to one day serve in the priesthood. I accepted the church’s teachings even when I didn't agree with them. I...

July 11 2017 ,0 comments
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I did not heed his warning. Again I went to Mr. Fernandez, then he asked me “DID JOSEPH, MARY, THE 12 DISCIPLES WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST AS GOD, AS YOU SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS DO TODAY?” I turned...

May 20 2017 ,0 comments
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I was born […] Lanao del Norte, Philippines. Since birth my parents were devoted Seventh Day Adventists, one of the thousand branches in Christendom. I was a former Evangelist of the Seventh Day...

April 18 2017 ,0 comments
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I was born in the city of Mansoorah in the Arab Republic of Egypt in an ordinary Christian family in which religion had not much significance.  We did not go to Church except on festive and...

April 09 2017 ,0 comments
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I used to literally think that Islam was an Island somewhere in the Middle East (which surprisingly is still a common misconception amongst a large portion of the population today, thinking Islam...

April 08 2017 ,0 comments
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And I feel that way for many reasons.  There are many norms in the society I live that are opposite to what it is to be Muslim.   And when I first came to this way of life, I didn’t know how well...

April 05 2017 ,0 comments
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The current of life can drag you to a place you would never think of going.  Our fate is not in our hands, although it would seem to be; in its very veins are traces of handprint totally in...

March 15 2017 ,0 comments


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It was a typical day. I woke up early before my parents and got ready to go running in the park near our house. Running without music seemed...

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Two Muslim boys in Switzerland have declined, on religious grounds, to shake hands with...