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Sat, 02/25/2017 - 14:16
Salam Islam
Is family planning and population control against Islam?
There are no specific verses in the holy Quran to cover the issue of family planning. However, there are a few verses that some jurists use to justify their agreement or disagreement with the issue of family planning. For example: “Do not kill your children for the fear of penury: We will provide for them and for you. Killing them is indeed a great iniquity.” (17:31) It could be implied from this verse that Islam discourages having fewer children for the fear of poverty; in another verse Quran says: “There is no animal on the earth, but that its sustenance lies with Allah, and He knows its [enduring] abode and its temporary place of lodging. ….” (11:6) [See: Is Family Planning Allowed in Islam?]

According to the Islamic viewpoint, the number of children should be as many as they do not cause any harm to parents, while at the same time parents would provide all their juridical, legal, spiritual, cultural and educative rights. So, family planning as the means of regulating the family size for health or economic reasons is permissible in Islam
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