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Imam Hussain, event of karbala, Salam Islam, Islamic comic strip

John and Muhammad were convicted of robbery due to the report of a neighbor who only saw them putting their luggage on their car while they were leaving the house they had rented for vacation....

Islamic comic strip, salamislam, new Muslims, ramadan

Jacob's story that will lead to a turning point in his life started in the month of Ramadan with finding out about Jamal's wife and Jamal's debt to himself. After five years Jacob, his wife Pat ...

ramadan, Islamic comic strip, New Muslims, salamislam

Jacob who has lost his close friend and the person who saved his life five years ago finds the chance to meet his dead friend's family after so many years on the month of Ramadan and goes through...

Everyone Are the Same: A Comic Strip prophet Muhammad,  Salam Islam, Islamic comic strip

Here is a brief account from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which shows his equal respect for all people, no matter rich or poor.

prophet Muhammad