month of ramadan

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This verse of the Quran reminds us of our own creation and the fact that Allah has created our body from soil which will ultimately be our resting place.

fasting in Ramadan, month of ramadan, salamislam

Fasting in Ramadan is of utmost importance for Muslims, yet there exist some misconceptions about this highly spiritual action that are briefly enumerated in this Infographics.  

30verses30days, month of ramadan, Quran in ramadan, salamislam

Allah has sent His "clear light" which means Quran through His "conclusive proof" which refers to Prophet Muhammad (PBHU), to guide humankind toward the right path and lead them to salvation. 

Allah's names, reading Quran, month of ramadan

One of Allah's names is the reliever which means the one who will relieve us from the hardships and difficulties of our lives. 

30verses30days, month of ramadan, fasting in Ramadan

Allah promises us to relieve us from our difficulties. The month of Ramadan is a good chance for us to pray to Allah to give us more strength in facing the hardships of our lives and to make us...

30verses30days, month of ramadan, reading Quran, salamislam

The month of Ramadan is known to be the month of Quran, a month in which Muslims try to reach a better understanding of this holy book. 

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Fasting (Sawm) in Islam is not a very complicated task- just like many other tasks...

30verses30days, ramadan, Quran, salamislam

On the 3rd day of the month of Ramadan, this verse reminds us of our creation and of the fact that we are all living by Allah's mercy and will. 

Allah's names, month of ramadan, salamislam

Allah's names include His attributes by which we could get to know Him better and get closer to Him. The eternally living one is one of these attributes. 

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Allah is the all-Present who knows everything about us and helps us in the hardest moments of our lives. In the month of Ramadan, we feel nearer to Allah and try to be more sincere in our actions...

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In the first part of the Quran, Surah al-Fatihah, we ask Allah to guide us to the right path. The month of...

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“O ALLAH, bless Muhammad (PBUH) and his Progeny ! Bless us in this day of our festival and our fast-breaking, make it one of the best of days that have passed over us.” Imam Sajjad (AS) - Sahifa...