Allah is present in every moment of our lives. He knows about what we reveal and what we hide. Knowing that He is aware of our every action, we should be more observant of whatever we do and think...


When we can't get what we want in life, are desperate to reach a far-reaching goal, or are caught in an unbearably complicated situation, it is only the thought of our one and only Creator, Allah...


On the loneliest and the hardest moment of our lives, it is only Allah who takes our hands, brings a ray of hope into the darkness of our despair and shows us the way back to the struggle of life...


Everything in this world has its specific features, characteristics and has given a proper role and responsibility. Allah has created all His creatures with a purpose and careful consideration;...


Faith in Allah will bring us all together and colour us all with the elevating and perfect colour of Allah which will lead us toward the better version of ourselves. 

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With this desktop background lighten up your computer by a beautiful and inspiring verse of Quran and add Allah's light to your life

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Use this mobile background to lighten up your mobile phone with a beautiful verse of the Quran  

Lady Fatima

Lady Fatimah (AS), the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), recommends us to perform any deed purely with the intention of Allah.

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One of the most beautiful and Inspirational verses of Quran is this verse from its third Chapter, Surah Ali-Imran, through reading which a great feeling of peace and...

Quran, Allah, the noblest human being, Islam

"Indeed the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you" Quran (49:13)

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"Behold! the hearts find rest in Allah's rememberance!" Quran (13:28)

Quran, Allah, all-forgiving, all-merciful, forgive, mercy, Salam Islam

"Allah is all-forgiving, All-merciful" Quran (3:31)