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Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) whose name means "to be praised" and is indeed worthy of Allah's peace and blessing for his great character which manifested...

prophet muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) was the last messenger sent by Allah to humankind to guide them toward the right path. There is no doubt in his finality and this fact is emphasized in the Quran as...

prophet muhammad

The Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) by Allah. Thus many of its verses are addressed to him or are about him. Allah considers Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) as the best role model...

prophet muhammad

There are many verses in the Quran that address Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and describe his many cherishable characteristics which made him the perfect role model for humankind....

prophet muhammad

Color your desktop background with a beautiful and eye-pleasing design of a verse of Quran about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), prophet's birthday, last prophet, Muhammad

The kindest, most amiable, generous, patient and justest among you is the closest to me in manner.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), prophet's birthday, last prophet, Islam

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in the year 570 CE. His sanctified birth and the events that followed his blessed birth were extraordinary and suggestive of his majesty and supreme character.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), last prophet, Muhammad

Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Apostle of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets, and Allah has knowledge of all things” (33:40).


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muhammad, last prophet, Islam, Salam Islam

"There is certainly a good exemplar for you in the Apostle of Allah" Quran (33:21)