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On this new "A Verse A Day", we have focused on the matter of charity and its importance according to the Quran. Basically, generosity and helping others is what defines a Muslim and should be part of their lifestyle, knowing that whatever they...

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Salam Islam's eye-catching and thought-provoking desktop background is here to connect you more with the verses of the Quran and help you to know more about Allah.   

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Salam Islam's new mobile background will freshen up your mobile phone with the beautiful verse of Quran about some of the characteristics of Allah. 

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No matter if you were born a Muslim or you’ve just converted to Islam; understanding the Quran may be hard for you, because the Holy Quran, unlike any other books, is not classified in chronological or in subject order. You can see that in many...

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On the last day of the month of Ramadan we pray to Allah through this verse of the Quran, to accept our fastings and be satisfied with our deeds.

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Surah al-Qalam in the Quran highlights the importance of knowledge and literacy in Islam, revealing the intellectual aspect of Allah's miracle. 

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This verse of the Quran again reminds us of the fact that everything in this universe is Allah's creation and that whatever beauty we see in this world is created by His will

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The all-powerful attribute of Allah and the undoubted fact that everything in this universe has been created by Him and the existence of everything is dependent upon Him is emphasized in this verse of the Quran.

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Allah promises us in the Quran that He will respond to us if we call upon Him, pray to Him and ask Him to help us in this life, to overcome its hardships.

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Allah is a guide for all humankind and He shows the right path to all of us and gives us the chance to choose between what is right and what is wrong. 

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The verses of Quran are full of life lessons for us to lead a perfect life, however, for us to understand Quran, we need to read and listen to it carefully. 

The story of a convert to Islam is recounted in this comic strip. Anna's interesting and absorbing journey started with a very unexpected...