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Allah, as the creator of this universe, is the one who is aware of everything in this world and beyond it and this is a sign for us to only believe in Him 

night of qadr, month of ramadan, salamislam

The blessed night of Qadr is the night on which the holy Quran was fully revealed to the heart of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is the night that is known for its great worth in Allah's regard, and...

30verses30days, month of ramadan, quran, salamislam

This verse of the Quran reminds us of Allah's magnificent creation of stars that illuminate our nights like shining lamps.

30verses30days,  quran, month of ramadan, salamislam

On these last days of Ramadan, we call to Allah and pray to Him as He Himself told us to do so in the Quran. And we remember His mercy upon us in giving us the blessing of life. 

night of Qadr, month of ramadan, fasting in Ramadan, salamislam

According to the Quran, the night of Qadr is the night on which Quran was sent down by Allah. This night is the time for Muslims to revive their God-given wealth of humanity and to look deeper at...

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The importance of thinking in Islam and consulting before making any decisions is emphasized and recommended by Imam Ali (AS). 

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On the world environment day, we should remind ourselves of the importance of this blessing and our responsibility to it not only for our own benefit but also for the generations that are to come...

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Allah promises us in the Quran that He will respond to us if we call upon Him, pray to Him and ask Him to help us in this life, to overcome its hardships.

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On the 19th day of Ramadan, we send our peace and blessings to the creator of this world who has placed sun and moon on the sky for us to benefit from them.

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Jacob who has lost his close friend and the person who saved his life five years ago finds the chance to meet his dead friend's family after so many years on the month of Ramadan and goes through...

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“Inna Fil Jannati” is one of the best and excellent Music- Videos (lyrics) of Sami Yusuf. This song revolves around the love of three holly characters: Imam Ali (AS), Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam...

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One of Allah's names is "the best of providers" which represents Allah's vast mercy upon humankind and His unlimited generosity in providing us with what we need in this world even before we think...