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In this verse of the Quran from the 17th part, we are reminded of the fact that Allah is aware of whatever we do or say in secret or public. 

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Looking kindly at parents and being compassionate and respectful toward them is the duty of every child.

30verses30days, month of ramadan, salamislam

Month of Ramadan gives us the opportunity to feel closer to Allah and feel His presence in every breath.

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Imam Hassan (AS) highlights the importance of being good-tempered and kind toward others as one of the best virtues in an Islamic life.  

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Quran is a guide for all humankind that leads us toward the right path and to reach success and happiness in this life and the Hereafter. 

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The hours of fasting in Ramadan vary based on the geographical position of the city where one lives. In some regions, the fasting hours might be extremely long while in other places it might be...

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Whatever we see and experience in this universe is under Allah's commands. Thus, on this month of Ramadan, we ask Allah to give us awareness to many signs that are shown to us on a daily basis and...

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Allah is the One who has poured His blessings and bounties upon us and has given us the chance to appreciate these blessings. The month of Ramadan is a good chance to be reminded of Allah's...

30verses30days, month of ramadan, salamislam

According to this verse of the Quran Allah is all-powerful and He is aware of all our lives, so who can be more reliable than Him in knowing our deepest pains and secrets and in helping us relieve...

month of ramadan, reading quran

The Quran gives us a chance to call upon our Lord and our one and only Creator, through the words He Himself has taught us. The following video is an English recitation of some of the verses of...

30verses30days, month of ramadan, salamislam

Allah has bestowed many blessings to us from which we can freely benefit and enjoy His mercy and compassion in our lives, especially in the month of Ramadan

Allah's names, month of ramadan, salamislam

Allah is the one who guides us to the right path and helps us choose what is right that will bring peace and happiness to this life and the hereafter.